What Would Be a Cost of Website Designing In Brisbane

Web designers typically charge about $50 per hour. A business website could potentially cost between $2,000 and $5,000, with $3500 being the average cost to set up, design, build and create content for a basic website. The figures might vary with different agencies and their cost per hour and it also depends on what kind of website do a client need.

There are different types of website designing projects a client might need some are the examples here,

  • Pet projects. A freelancer might offer a nonprofit, a friend or family a lower rate.
  • Project length. Long-term projects might deserve a slightly lower hourly rate.
  • Project difficulty. Will you need help from a programmer, developer or graphic designer? Charge more. Is the project similar to another one you did? If you can copy and paste much of your past work, charge less (unless you don’t want to).
  • Page count. More pages to design means more work. Extras like a blog or an e-commerce component can cost more, too.
  • Commitment level. If you can only put in a few hours work here and there instead of committing to the project full time, consider lowering your price.
  • New or old client. Some web designers will charge a new clients  less amount to land the project, though this might set a bad precedent.

How Much Should a Web Designer Charge?

A freelance web designer should charge an hourly rate based on his cost of living and any business expenses. It’s best not to charge what you made when working as an employee.

A web design company pays for overhead like equipment, training and conferences, health insurance, utilities, software licenses and much more. A freelance web designer must set their minimum hourly rate to accommodate all of these expenses to keep their business afloat.

Going below your minimum hourly rate sets a bad precedent. Clients will start expecting this rate and you’ll start valuing yourself at this rate, which is even worse. You may get less work, but you’ll get paid well for the work you do get and have the time to do the job well.

What Would Be a Cost of Website Designing In Brisbane

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