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New Website Design Trends

New Website Design Trends

Building a website is an art work. A great looking website should not look complicated, In fact it should be systematic and easy to navigate. A user spending his/her time should not be confused while surfing your website.

Here are some points to be considered while making your website effective and look great.

Creating a Great Looking Home Page Design

A Landing Page or Home page is one of the most important page for your website. Home Page is the first page of your website, when your user visits your website it will be the first impression he carries about your website and your business. So it is highly important to focus on the first page of your website.

So let us start with our home page design, Here is the first layout of home page.

As a part of effective website design, I have made some points in the above shown home page of a website. As discussed earlier we need to be very clear with what we can show on a website home page. The above example shows the following points

Website Header

As in the above image shown, I have divided the header section in two major parts i.e logo part and menu part.

Logo Part

Make a clean, clear and attractive logo for your website. If you already have made a logo for your company use the same logo particularly in PNG format. Your logo should be very effective and should look good and eye catchy.

Menu Part

Design your website main menu and put across to menu section, in the above example I have shown menu on the right side of logo placement. Your website menu should be very easy to understand and navigate for any common user. Remember a user visiting your website should not be stressed to look for the information he is seeking, so make your website menu easy and simple.

Slider Animation

The slider animation is one of the most important part because the first sight goes to any website will be on the home page slider animation. As you can highlight with one line about your products or services and place a effective image about your products. Remember this section is one of the most important for effective website design. With your services highlight you can provide a call to action button like Buy Now, or Contact Now, which can make your user to contact you easily.

About Your Comapny / About Products/Services

Under this section either you can highlight two to three lines about your company, or you can highlight your products features or services details. Use simple English so that it would be easy for your user to understand.

Overview Services

If you have multiple products or multiple services you can place it under this section. This would be a highlight about your products or services which you can link to different pages.